An incomprehensive list of qualities I look for in the human beings with whom I surround myself, in no particular order:

Encourage me to shine—to manifest my dreams, to breathe in every moment of joy and accept that with bliss there also comes struggle and conflict.
Challenge me to be better—to expand, to elevate, to move into higher ways of being.
Make me laugh. Laugh at my jokes, too.
Remind me that lightness and frivolity are always available to me.
Be radically honest.
Practice authenticity.
Bury a body with me—no questions asked. (Maybe even do the murder with me, who knows?)
Despite how we may have been conditioned, we’re not actually forced to engage with or required to have relationships with ANYONE—all of that is a choice. We aren’t obligated to surround ourselves with people who don’t support our magic or who steal from our joy.

An incy day we choose who will influence our energy and whether or not we will allow someone to occupy our mental, emotional, and physical spaces. There is no such thing as obligatory connections—all of these are choices, even when they’re tough ones.

One of our highest responsibilities to ourselves is curating relationships that align with our value system and our energy. We need all different kinds of people in our collective because none among us does this alone—but we get to choose those people.

Choosing is an autonomous act that reminds us that we are responsible for our own experience of life. What qualities do you look for in the people you choose? Who are you choosing now? Are your choices aligned?


Everything You Need to Know About DOMS – The Unnecessary Evil

DOMS — or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness — is that uncomfortable but also strangely satisfying sting that you get in your muscles a day or two after some form of intense training. It can range from being mildly noticeable, to so severe that you have real trouble walking after leg day.

In this article, we’re going to investigate DOMS, what might cause it, what it could mean, and what can be done to prevent it.


So, what actually causes DOMS?

As noted in a 2003 article published in Sports Medicine, DOMS is a bit of a mystery, with the exact cause not being known. There are several theories that attempt to explain the pain, though. These include; the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles following exercise, muscle damage, connective tissue damage, muscle spasm, inflammation, and enzyme activity. Some people report experiencing worse DOMS when practising intermittent fasting or dieting at a caloric deficit.

The authors of the 2003 article suggest that a combination of 2 or 3 of these theories will likely serve to explain the condition.

What’s clear is that DOMS happens after intense exercise, especially when the person doing the exercise isn’t used to that level of intensity in their training. The effects of DOMS generally reduce over time as a person settles into a regular exercise routine, and their body adapts to their training.


How to use social media with your gym routine

Social media can get a bad rep these days. With all the talk of unattainable-ideals and in-gym distraction, there are plenty of people out there who’d argue Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three things standing between you and your fitness goals.

But for all these claims of negativity, the opposite can easily be argued. Every minute of the day, people are sharing inspirational posts using motivational hashtags, engaging with fitness-expert influencers, and chatting with those who share their gym goals.

To see what’s really going on, we collected the data to discover which fitness hashtags, subreddits and social media influencers are proving most popular, and how today’s gym-goers are using their online communities to get inspired

Our favourite fitness hashtags

There’s no shame in sharing that gym selfie. Getting positive feedback on your progress is a great motivator, and Instagram or Facebook is a great place to find it.